Our vision

In 2012 we reset our vision for Child, Youth and Family: Children and young people in families and communities where they can be safe, strong and thrive. 


Mā mātou mā tātou: changing young lives

Our strategic plan - Mā mātou mā tātou: Changing young lives - gives Child, Youth and Family a set of priorities that will strengthen the quality of practice our people strive for, and the children and young people we work with need and deserve from us. The five strategic priorities for 2012-2015 are:

  • Quality social work practice
  • Working together with Māori
  • Voices of children and young people
  • Connecting communities
  • Leadership


The hopes of Pūao-Te-Ata-Tū manifest themselves in the Children, Young Persons, and their Families Act 1989, particularly with its focus on family/whānau decision making, empowerment and the centrality of the child or young person.

This is nicely reflected in the Pūao-Te-Ata-Tū waiata:

Ānei rā āku ringa                             Here is our offering
He ringaringa māu                          to empower you
Pūao te ata tū                                   heralding the new dawn

Pupuritia kia mau                           Hold on to these principles
Hei kaimahi māu                            give them meaning
Pūao te ata tū      

Ko te manawanui                            through your dedication
Me te tūmanako                              and commitment
Kia ea ngā wawata a tōu iwi e       the aspirations of our people
Pūao te ata tū                                  can be fulfilled

The Children, Young Persons, and Their Families Act 1989 is the organisational response to the expectations of Pūao-Te-Ata-Tū. Every day as we work with families/whānau, every family group conference we convene, gives effect to Pūao-Te-Ata-Tū and its challenge to us to understanding the place of the child and young person within their familly group, and their whānau, hapū and iwi.