Supervision perspectives

The Supervision triggers have been developed as an enhancement on existing practice frameworks and practice triggers. They allow a focus on professional supervision, assisting supervisors to reflect on how worker wellbeing impacts on case work decision making and how social work practice can be strengthened in order to respond to the needs of children, young people and their families/whānau.  

The supervision triggers provide flavour as useful prompts and are intended to assist the supervision process as well as your ongoing development - which ever role you may be in.

Child, young person and family focused

These triggers focus on the importance of ensuring the child or young person and their family/whānau remain central to the discussions that occur in supervision and planning that takes place.

Strengthening practice

The importance of an holistic assessment, considering historical case information and the integration of the practice frameworks have all been identified as crucial to responding effectively to children, young people and families/whānau. These triggers ensure that a focus on these aspects occurs in order to strengthen practice.

Worker safety and ongoing development

These triggers ensure that matters relating to the safety and wellbeing of the worker and their ongoing development are considered. Issues that need addressing can be identified and plans put in place to ensure that casework and the wellbeing of the worker is not negatively impacted.

Updated 7 August 2013