This page provides an overview of the Supervision practice triggers designed to support and strengthen social work practice. 


One of the key priorities for Child, Youth and Family, as identified in Leading for Outcomes, is “Quality Social Work Practice”. Practitioners who provide supervision play a pivotal role in developing and guiding social work practice. In order to support supervision the organisation initiated a project to strengthen professional supervision and support the development of a culture that enabled professional practice to deliver quality services to children, young people and their families. The project’s key objective was the development of a supervision culture that is aligned with the practice frameworks. The project related to sites, residences and service centres – everyone essentially involved in the delivery and receipt of professional supervision.

Overall Purpose

  • To enhance the delivery of supervision through targeted and purposeful practice triggers
  • To cultivate a culture that values and maximises supervision
  • To enhance social work practice, thereby delivering quality service to children, young people and their families.